Halifax, Nova Scotia
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I have had a loan with easyfinancial for quite some time now, and originally i was approved for 15000, i didnt use all or near what i was approved for. I have never been late on any payment, my history with your company is perfect.

I needed to borrow 500 dollars more or loan increase since i only owe 3600 roughly.i needed this loan increase for a dental procedure. I was denied for only 500 and dont understand why. The man i called was no help nor could i understand him very well. Firestone financlal has approved me for 10000 until september 27.

So i think i will borrow the money from them and pay my loan with you off and continue busines with them.

I would understand if i didnt make my payments or was late paying but i have a perfect record with you and i make enough to pay alot more than a 500 increase. Sorry we couldnt continue business because untill now i thought highly of your company......Sincerely Anthony F McGuigan

Product or Service Mentioned: Easyfinancial Loan.

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