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My husband and I feel for them we were in desperate need of some cash to pay rent and put food on the table for our kids in August of this year. Easy financial contact us we went in with though at least some wants to help.

Then after a while they took more money out that we didn't agree on. Then they kept trying we got so fed up with this we contact them they ignored us and said you owe, you owe. Well with my husband under stress a lot of stress with them continuing to stress my husband he was let go of his job, you see he was the only one working as well do to easy Financial upseting him we had no money soon no home. Did they care no we almost ended up living in our vehicle which I have two kids, who they stressed both of them up my son quit school looking for a job he had a job for a bit but do to the stress they but on us he lost his job too.

As well as my self I lost a job I was starting because they threatened you to appoint it is unbelievable. Also they say is not my problem and continue to upset harass you by email,text,or phone. We are still needing help in this matter. Also when filling out forms make sure you asked for the interest rate up front do not allow them to say after you sign you can read the interest rate, also asked them a lot of questions.

We feel for an easy solution that ended up with more headaches , harassment from Easy Financial. They lie to you just to get your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Easyfinancial Loan.

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Why dont we start a class action lawsuit companies like this need to be taught a lesson.