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Let me tell you a story .......

I thought I was getting a loan through "Canada Drives". I did all the "pre-approval" stuff with them then received a call from Easy Financial. I was confused as to why "Canada Drives" did not mention this at the time of doing the pre-approval process. The agent from Easy Financial explained to me the deal with Canada Drives is that they essentially forward them customers. AKA one company that prays on poor credit individuals helping another. I had previously had a bad experience with Easy Financial, so I was not going to use them ever again. But seeing how it was an open loan, and I could pay it off early. I decided to gave them another chance. I figured I could use this loan as a short term solution. Get my credit score high enough, to be able to take out a better loan with a bank. I was very close to now having "good credit". (I had been monitoring it every month for about a year now.) I received my loan and everything was good. The first payment was suppose to come out, and it never was taken from my account. I thought maybe there was a delay, or they messed up the date or something. I kept the funds in my account just in case they took it out. I waited two weeks and it was time for another payment. Nothing came out yet again. I thought maybe they messed up the month of the payment or something. Surely if something was wrong with my account they would tried to have contacted me. I had issues in the past (why I didn't want to use them again) where they would take out payments early or late, and as a result the payment would sometimes bounce. I did not want that to happen again, so I left the funds in there. A couple days go by and a friend calls me. Tells me that someone from Easy Financial is looking for me. Then my Fiance calls and also says Easy Financial is looking for me... Well they had started calling all my contacts saying they are looking for me, but did not contact me once. (I was told they would only contact them as a last resort, if they could not reach me). I call them and ask whats up. The rep says "We are just calling to see why you're over one month delinquent on your loan. Do you have the full payment plus the late fee's to pay today" I told her the payment had never been pulled from my account. The rep acted like she didn't believe me. I told her I did not think it was right for me to be paying late fee's because of your companies poor due diligence. She insisted that I make the full payment including the late fee's. If I didn't my account would be escalated further. Feeling pressured, I made the payment and asked her to get her manager to follow up with me. A few days pass and someone did reach out to me. Tells me that I am right, and that they did not try and take the payment out. They wave the late fee's but don't give back my money. Instead they say I have to put it towards the principle of my loan. Not happy, I ended up just agreeing and moving on. Weeks go by, and it is now Christmas. I have been harassed a couple times now by Easy Financial about increasing my loan. (They prey on people most before and after Christmas) I finally gave in and take out an increase. After weeks of paying the loan, I receive a letter in the mail. It is a collection notice in regards to my account with Easy Financial. Confused, I call Easy Financial and ask them what is going on. I am told they had some letters sent out in error, and to just ignore it. I confirmed with her my account was in good status, and confirm with her that I have not missed a single payment. Another week goes by, and I get a notice on my credit report that I have something in collections. I take a look, and of course it is the Easy Financial account. Now I am furious as my credit score has dropped by 30 points because of their mistake. I call the collection agency and tell them what I was told by the agent (that it was a mistake). The guy laughs at me and goes "what are you talking about. We don't go after people without having your account sent to us. We buy account from Easy Financial. We would not have your information unless it was sent to us by the lender". He tells me he will contact me in a week, and let me know if it is a legitimate error. I never received a call back. Of course I am even more furious and feel I am getting the run around. I call Easy Financial, who once again tells me it was an error. They try and blame the third party collection agency yet again. This time I tell them what the collection agency told me, and demanded I wanted something done. They allegedly contacted the collection agency and asked them to remove it from my report. While asking me to wait patiently for it to be removed from my credit report. I wait a full month and check my credit report every week (both of them). Nothing was removed, I receive another letter in the mail from the collection agency. This one is saying the the collection process has been escalated, and they have now verified my assets and employment. Now I am losing my mind, I contact the same rep as I speaking to last. She Claimed to be their "Resolutions Specialist" I mention I got another letter a month after she told me to be patient. I did not receive a response back. I waited a couple weeks just in case the rep was out of the office or on vacation or something. After 3 weeks, its clear she is not responding so I called in again. I told them I was still receiving letters and that the last rep didn't respond to me. They told me to send another email with a picture of the collection notice. To the same rep that did not respond to me, and someone would be in touch. Now I am completely fed up, and pissed off. I send the email with picture. I explain what their mistake has done to me. It was a mistake that the company would not even take accountability for to begin with. Instead tried to pass the buck onto the collection agency. I told them I would like some financial compensation for all the hassle and time wasted. Not to mention damage to my credit report, which has limited me on applying for accounts that don't charge astronomical interest rates. That was ignored and I was told that they have done everything they can to correct the mistake. Before I even got the last email response from her, I was contacted by my local Easy Financial Branch. They said I have been such a great customer with them that I qualify for a loan increase...ya right ! Told them the story about what was going on. How I did not want any of their services, especially when this situation has yet to be resolved fully. Guy says if I change my mind to let them know. Two days go by and I now have been contacted again two days in a row, asking if I want an increase.. Like this company cannot be serious, how many times are you gonna call when I am already unhappy with my current service.

Moral of the story....

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.... They know that you're using their "service" because you don't qualify for a better loan else where. They will take advantage of the customer anyway they can. They pressure you into re-loaning, into credit rebuilding programs and into insurance policies on each loan. If you get involved in those, you're literally paying double the amount you were loaned if not more. If they make a mistake, the customer is the one to pay for it clearly. I mean what is someone that has poor credit going to do to them right?... That has been the vibe I have been getting from the reps this whole time. But hey maybe on second thought, I will take out that loan increase... and use to money to sue them this time.

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I'm going through a battle with them right now.


You know first time when they first started in my city the guy that ran the store was awesome never had a issue even took time to personally compensate me for mistake they made... fast forward 3 years paid off my last loan from them early...

really early then a year after that new branch manager I was treated like a criminal the information they want now is beyond unexeptable And since I refused to provide sensitive data to them I was told in a rude manner never to call again .. told person off ...

only reason I tried again was I exhausted my credit with the bank buying a new truck And the criteria is far lower with these guys then the bank .. They once were really good now they are complete garbage


I totally agree, they prey upon people with poor credit.. They are very unorganized, and they charge you triple times what you borrow..

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